Monday, September 7, 2009

An Old Wilkins Family Favorite - Easy Doughnuts

I can remember many a Family Home Evening night making doughnuts as a family. My own little family now enjoys the same treat. This was our Labor Day breakfast today. Healthy huh!! I threw in a side of fresh fruit and we washed it down with a glass of milk to get a little nutrition.

The recipe couldn't be simpler:

refrigerated biscuits (how many depends on how many your family can eat!)
vegetable oil

Heat oil in saucepan to around 365 degrees. Poke a hole in the middle of each biscuit with fingers. Place in oil. Cook to golden brown and flip over to other side. These cook quickly so don't leave them. Drain on paper towels.
We made glazed doughnuts. Mix together 2 c. powdered sugar, 1/4 c. milk, and 1 tsp. vanilla in small saucepan over medium heat. Dip doughnuts in glaze and transfer to wire racks to drain. Let sit for 5 minutes.

or......put doughnuts into paper lunch sacks filled with powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and or cinnamon-sugar.
We were talking around the breakfast table that it would be fun to cook the doughnuts without poking a hole in them and them squirt pudding into the middles, or spreading frosting and sprinkles on the them. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. We made these for dessert on Labor day. Soooo yummy. I crave these all the time